Elerrina Curly Coated en Labrador Retrievers

Puppies Sterre, November 2008

Combination Myosotisis Lotus Elite "Sterre" x Darelyn Master Kopy at Kelsmere "Oliver"
Puppies were born on November 1st 2008

Photo: Hannie Warendorf/Elerrina

The pups left the house exept for Rose (Jewel in the Crown), she stays with us.

The puppytest

All on a row
Poetry in Motion Blue Print All Singing All Dancing Forever and a day Jewel in the Crown
A week of activities

Bears are fun!

Their first fastfood

The eyes are open, they begin to hear, for the first time "out in the open"

One week old

Just born.

Information on Sterre:

  • Day of Birth: April 1st 2003
  • Dutch Champion, 20 november 2005
  • Bundessieger 2006
  • German Champion 2008
  • KNJV - C
  • A hips, elbow free
  • Pedigree:
Kamp. Moselund's Jaguar Multi Kamp. Caballus Inferno Multi Ch. Caballus Fair Dinkum
Ch. Oak's Wild Song
Moselund's Lette Brise Multi Ch. Cornish Marksman
Ch Moselund's Dronning Margrethe
Multi Kamp. Cwmgilli Sevruga Darelyn Jim Jiminee Ch. Caballus Grand Slam
Darelyn Dame Delilah
Sh. Ch. Cwmgilli Independant Image Ch. Hawthorn Ranger of Brenal
Ch. Gladrags Independant Miss

Information on Oliver:

  • Day of Birth: 12 december 2006
  • Hips 3:3, eyes clear
  • Pedigree:
Sh. Ch. Kelsmere Kopyright (Bdssg'07) Sh Ch Oakleigh Oberon At Kelsmere Sh Ch Lahabra Conqueror
Patience Red
Kelsmere Kalliopsis at Aspenwood Swed. Ch. Cornerstones take a Chance on me at Kelsmere
Kelsmere Kaikoura
Sh Ch Darelyn Lois Lane Lizallwood Night Watchman Ch Hawthorn Ranger of Brenal
Lizallwood Desert Storm
Sh Ch Darelyn Jenny Jenkins Multi Ch. Caballus Grand Slam
Darelyn Dame Delilah