Elerrina Curly Coated en Labrador Retrievers

Puppies Gadget, March 14th 2007

Combination Gadget x Mallorn's Crowberry
Ten puppies, six dogs and four bitches.
The theme of this litter was James Bond movies, all puppies got a name of one of the movies.


Gegevens Gadget:

  • Day of Birth: February 20th 2005
  • A hips, Elbow free, eyes free
  • Showresults: Several placements with excellent
  • Pedigree:
You will never forget Pegassus Belg, LuxCh Little-Ben du Taillis Madame Brandhams make me a Star for Oulsmi LuxCh
Isis du Bois des Lilas
Oulsmi Who's that Girl Stormley Craftsman at Ludzska
Brandshams Keepsake at Elorac
Kamp Texan Twostep van het Oosterhuis Kamp Fogel Hlara Rider on the Storm W'01 Rocksteady Ride the Storm
Unique van de Ottershof
Kamp Proud Cellinne van het Oosterhuis Brigburn Zenith
Fogel Hlara Vanity Fair

Information on Mallorn's Crowberry:

  • Day of Birth: October 14th 2001
  • A hips, Elbow free, eyes free
  • Pedigree:
Trendmaker's Tycoon 
Trendmaker's Mugwump
hd H 
Beechcroft's Royal Standard
Guideline's Manuscript
hd H
Trendmaker's Traffic Jam
hd H
Smart Fellow's Order from New York 
hd H
Blondella Balanced Shades 
hd H
Mallorn's Poison  M'Ladys Snow-Ball 
Palabras Spacecraft 
hd B1
Pastime's Side-Kick 
hd A2
Mallorn's Kiss Me Kate
Beechcrofts Danish Skydiver 
2 6 G
Craneridge Andwella